UseMyBank was developed in 2002 as an online payment solution that works by facilitating real time debit transactions through online bank accounts. UseMyBank has its root in Toronto Canada where it offices are located but it has now gone worldwide after developing a good reputation among Canadians. In fact, the company founded by Joseph Luso, a Canadian entrepreneur started out in his local territory where it offered Canadian Banks a system where there customers handle money online without having to disclose their personal details. This company offers “freedom from the credit card” as part of its pitch as well as free payment for buyers.

UseMyBank system offers a system where your credit card information or other info is not shared with the merchant. Using the system offers complete anonymity whenever any transaction is made but at the same time you can easily make payment as if you are using a credit card. However, it is important to note that it is not a credit card process but instead, it works like a debit service.

How Does UseMyBank Work

It works like an intermediary, facilitating payments from one account to another account without having to provide the very important and sensitive details like card numbers etc. In this case, all that is required is the attachment of your credit card or bank accounts to your UseMyBank account just like you have with PayPal. But note that you must have an existing bank account with those banks that partner with UseMyBank. All you need to do is to link your bank account to the service and you are ready to use it.

Activating UseMyBank account is free as well as sending funds also. However, fees are assessed to the merchants for any purchases made using UseMyBank with the fee put at 1% to the seller.


UseMyBank was left with no processor and also lost its ability to facilitate transactions in 2007 when its partner GPay lost its biller status in Canadian banks. This led UseMyBank to rebuild itself into being a payment processor and also providing the technology that is needed to facilitate payment. However, it is important to note that UseMyBank has had its own share of controversies. For example, in 2005, it sued the bank of Nova Scotia and also launched a complaint to the Competition Bureau over the tactics adopted by major Canadian banks in the run up of Interac Online payment service.


It is important to note the UseMyBank has undergone some transformation in recent times. From UseMyBank services to UseMyServices, the re-branding has been worthy of note. There are several options available. You have the UseMyfunds which helps in facilitating online bank payments through a bank account and the UseMyCard which works the same way but takes the fund through a credit card. Also in 2010, the UseMyService rolled out other payment interface known as the UseMyWidget and UseMyBiller and they are customizable.

UseMyService in 2011 announced its intention to integrate eNett virtual card solution for the sole reason to support the virtual UseMyCard Travel MasterCard in such a way that it allows customers to simulate credit card purchases even without owning a Master card credit card. In addition, it offers a UseMyData for customers to validate bank transactions in order to screen fraud in the system.


UseMyBank now transformed into UseMyService is fast, trustworthy and very popular in Canada and the rest of the world and very common especially among online travelling and gambling. However, it is important to note that it is not an e-wallet. The only disadvantage is that it is only available in Canadian and United States Dollars and English remains the only language of support.

Additional Information

Website: Not Available now

Alternative Platform: Bpay and PayPal

Availability: Deposit Only

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